The Five Steps To Publishing Your Book


STEP 1: Get it written!

This may not be a surprise to you. To publish a book you have to write it first! If you are reading this then I’m sure you have at least an idea of what you want to write.


STEP 2: Get it edited!

You will have written your book over a long period of time and it can be easy to lose sight of exactly what it will feel like for your reader. You are so involved with the project that after writing it needs a fresh pair of eyes to run over it. Get an editor in to improve the flow and make sure it reads as it should.



Having the book is one thing. But people really do judge a book by its cover. You need a designer to produce a compelling cover that makes people want to buy. They will also make sure that the book is formatted correctly. You need the book ready to read both in digital and print format.


STEP 4: Get it out there!

When it’s ready to read you want it out there in all the right places. There are self-publishing options both as an eBook and in print. Print on demand is a feature that means you don’t have to carry a stock of your book. When someone wants to buy they just click on a button and one is printed ready to be shipped. This saves you money. is the perfect place to give your book exposure to the masses but there are other book selling options. Once your book is uploaded then the website will take care of it all. They will receive your orders, take payment, print the book if necessary and ship it out. You will receive your royalty payment directly into your bank account.


STEP 5: Promote your book!

Having your book for sale is one thing but you need as many people as possible to know about it. The way that you get your book in the line of sight of your potential readers makes the difference between growing sales or falling flat.


Promote the book via:


  • You should have a personal brand or working towards one

  • Social Media Presence

  • Marketing, PR & New Media Solutions

  • Opportunities to Showcase Your Book

  • Availability To Give Interviews

  • Launching your book at a local bookstore and or book signing event


The more publicity that you can get then the better it is for the sales of your book.  LLPG has a myriad of options for you to market your book and get the EXPOSURE your book deserves!