STEP 1: Write It.

This may not be a surprise to you. Before you decide to publish a book, you have to write it first. Now, some people may be great thinkers but struggle to write the book they’ve always dreamed of seeing on the shelf. Our LLPG Editorial Team can ghostwrite, doctor, development edit a manuscript from the most skilled to novice writer. Don’t stop allow your ability to write hinder your dream of becoming a world-renowned author with LLPG.


STEP 2: Edit. Edit. Edit.

Once you’ve written your book, it can be difficult to imagine what your book will feel like to your reader. Sometimes authors become so involved with writing the book, once they start reviewing the content, they realize they need a fresh pair of eyes to edit it. Our LLPG Editorial Team can improve the flow of your book and ensure your book reads as it should according to industry standards.


STEP 3: Design Style.

Having the book is one thing. But people really do judge a book by its cover. You need a designer to produce a compelling cover that makes people want to buy. They will also make sure that the book is formatted according to the book industry standards. Your book once completed will be available in print and digital formats.


STEP 4: Ideas to get your book out there.

Many people complete their manuscript. Print their book. But become stalled in their ability to get their book in their hands of their readers. We have the solution with our LLPG 101 Ways To Market Your Book Guide provided to every client once they self-publish with LLPG. We provide you with 101 ideas that can help you take advantage of marketing your book for free, before investing in advertising options.

STEP 5: Promote your book.

You may have always envisioned seeing your book featured in the New York Times or Wall Street Journal. May you are a social or spiritual influencer who has always wanted to be featured on Oprah? Well, through LLPG let us help your dreams of being featured in mainstream media become a reality. Meanwhile, media placement is not a guarantee, our well-maintained relationships can ensure even the novice to self-publishing that they are in good hands.


Before working with LLPG, there are six keys you need to be aware of before and after you self-publish your book to be proactively working towards your goal of becoming a successful author. Below are the six key components to launching your book effectively for success.

  • Establishing your personal brand or working towards emerging one

  • Active social media presence or developing a more consistent presence online

  • Marketing & PR blended with new media solutions

  • Securing and creating event opportunities to showcase your book

  • Ensuring your availability to capitalize on media interviews & speaker opportunities

  • Seeking out local bookstores or venues to launch your book successfully


The more publicity that you can get then the better it is for the sales of your book.  LLPG has a myriad of options for you to market your book and get the EXPOSURE your book deserves! 

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