Join LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group Affiliate Program

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             sample affiliate badge 300x250

LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group offers selected individuals and organizations an opportunity to earn a referral fee when you introduce aspiring authors to LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group

Let the people you care about most – your employees, customers, members, donors, viewers, listeners, attendees or visitors to your website – know about LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group and earn income for you or your organization. 


As an affiliate you’ll earn:

10% for an individual/organization when your Referral signs their first LOVE + Lifestyle Publishing Group publishing agreement and their title goes live.


How does the LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group Affiliate Program work?  Every customer or member is potential author – you just need to present them with the opportunity to publish through your online blog, store, meeting place or website.


Here's how it works:


1. Sign Up. Simply click the link below to review the official rules and submit your information.

2. Promote LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group. Affiliates will receive — at no cost — all the marketing materials you need to get started.  We will provide graphics you can use on your website. You can be assured that the people you refer will get the services they desire.  The mission of LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group is to empower authors and help them fulfill their book publishing goals.

For example: 


Starting packages price $1999 - 10% (affiliate percentage) = $199/(affiliate payout amount)


It's a WIN-WIN. It's that simple!


3. Earn Revenue. How much you earn depends on your promotional efforts and the resulting referrals and authors who sign up to publish with LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group.  But the more interested individuals you send our way, the more you can earn.