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Arian Herbert was born and has spent the majority of his life in Toronto, Canada. At a young age, he developed a voracious appetite for knowledge and insight. This coupled with the concern for the suffering of mankind naturally led him down the path that has materialized to this present time, and will undoubtedly have an implicit effect on the upcoming future.

It is no easy feat to pinpoint the start of a spiritual journey. This is because everything that happens in life is a part of the spiritual journey; even though this statement may appear to be false on the surface. However, a significant moment took place in the winter of 2008. Arian was sitting in the library of his university reading the conclusion of the book “Tuesdays with Morrie”. Upon completion, time stood still as the tears ran down his face. It can only be described by him as an ineffable experience. There were no thoughts. There was perception without a perceiver. There was just an emptiness that was paradoxically filled to the brim with pure existence.

Arian had no idea how long he was sitting there, but when he finally got up and left the library and stepped outside he stood still at the entrance to the library. He watched all of the students completely lost in their thoughts trying to get to their classes on time. He saw that no one was truly paying attention to anything else but their thoughts. He heard every footstep crunching in the snow. He was conscious to a dimension that all are never apart from, yet he was the only one present that knew it was there. For the first time, he saw. He was not just seeing, he was seeing sight itself.

But what comes in time will also disappear in time. As suddenly as this experience came, it disappeared. But it left a life altering impact. Thus began the search for who – or what – he really was. It began with personal reflection. He began to question everything that he saw. In 2009, he began to jot down poems late at night when the questions of existence kept him up at night. He started to read anything he could get his hands on regarding the subject. He read many books that fell into the category of general self help, Buddhism, Hinduism, Advaita Vedanta and Taoism. The purpose was to find the perennial message that was at the substratum of the different teachings.

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A book for theists and atheists alike, The God behind the God is a powerful book that will challenge you to look at the inner depths of your being. "In Arian's first title, Awaken to Existence, he invites the reader to join him on a fanciful journey “back home” to our nature; a place of peace from which we have never truly left. Now, he's back again to challenge you to explore for yourself the spiritual concepts on existence such as does God really exist? What is our role in the cycle of existence? And is there truly such a thing called 'enlightenment'?

In this timeless work, these questions plus more are explored as Arian deciphers the deeper meaning of the poetic lines of Morgan O. Smith. The mysterious and esoteric aspects of Smith’s writing come to the surface all the while with Arian as your guide. The God behind the God will challenge you to question your belief systems, and also open you to a new perspective on life itself.

The God behind the God focuses on what it means to be in 'existence', and paradoxically, to break free from the concept of existence altogether. It is for anyone who has ever contemplated the nature of existence, and is open to explore that there may be something greater behind everything we’ve been traditionally taught to perceive to be great.


"In Awaken to Existence, Arian Herbert invites the reader to join him on a fanciful journey “back home” to our nature; a place of peace from which we have never truly left. In a world where there are so many theories about happiness and inner peace, Arian suggests that the journey to self-discovery is less about finding and more about removing blockages. These inhibitors are influenced by society, family and friends, and even our own minds. This deconstruction leads to a shrinking of the mind’s ability to believe and become attached to illusions; who we think we are doesn’t hold a candle to what we truly are.

With a unique blend of poetry, one line pointers, and direct prose, Arian presents a series of meditations that begin with discussions on the most popular key phrases employed by lifestyle gurus, seminar leaders, and even self-help authors. In an effort to release us from the power of thoughts, particularly how they can affect present and future situations, Arian comes to the conclusion that so much of what causes us to suffer is rooted in our attachment to certain ideas. Concepts like “owning your past” and “inner peace” are debunked to reveal the essence of all of us: we are all the same in that we come from the source of all that is seen and unseen. Our eyes, minds, and hearts must be recalibrated to properly tune in to the universal energy that runs through all life on earth.

It is Arian’s hope that the reader may come to realize the peace and happiness that is no different from our true nature."