New Author Alert: A Walk In My Stilettos by Makini Smith


New LLMG author, Makini Smith is an entrepreneur, a mother, an author and a leader in her community. 

To her clients, Makini Smith is a trusted advisor for real estate that has received awards such as top producer starting from her first year. To her peers, Makini is highly regarded as an integrity powered professional that knows how to make things happen in every area she tackles. She has been featured on numerous platforms for her wealth of knowledge and life experiences including teen motherhood, divorce, relationships, single parenthood, and more.

“Give thanks by giving” is a motto that motivates her to put her time and finances into good causes and good people. Inspiring women to strive for goals and become valuable members in the community to improve the lives of themselves and others is her passion. She enjoys bringing awareness to local charities and fundraising events.

Makini has graduated from the SisterTalk Circle Leadership Program created by Karlyn Percil: a program designed for women leaders who would like to help other women live a more empowered & elevated life. She is now a facilitator of the monthly meet ups. Her circle launch made history as the first to start a SisterTalk Circle in Canada.

She recently teamed up with Linda Proctor (the wife of Bob Proctor) to further assist in improving the lives of others and empowering them through health and wellness.

Her obsession with shoes was the inspiration for her first published book “A Walk in My Stilettos” her journey of struggle and how she has overcome adversity with grace.

She now shares her wisdom and insights in a transparent story of overcoming adversity to achieving triumph. This tale will strike an emotional cord and has the power to change your life. She is proof that being an optimist, mastering the power of having a positive mindset that focuses on strength, and sharing experiences can heal you and help others at the same time.

In “A Walk in My Stilettos,” Makini shares how she conquered the challenges of:

  • Being a teen mother
  • Divorce 
  • Traumatic loss
  • Becoming an entrepreneur
  • Single motherhood and much, much more.

Makini aspires to show you how the right mindset can turn anyone from being the victim to a victor, turn obstacles into opportunities, and attract the life you truly deserve. The power is within YOU!