New Author Alert: Belief Is The New Black by Marnie Kay


Upcoming author, Marnie Kay once said she would follow the summer months around the world.  Today that is the life she enjoys while she writes, teaches and inspires thousands of women all over the world through her teachings of belief and an event based organization called LIP- Ladies in Power, created to empower women through stories and education.

Searching for answers, Marnie became fascinated with the idea of belief.  After a traumatic event full of grief, anger and sadness, she realized everything that had once made sense to her was shattered.  What was once important no longer was, what was once the ‘truth’ about herself was now a lie.  Marnie discovered everything she believed was simply a story she was telling herself. 


What a powerful concept.

Marnie's upcoming book ‘Belief is the new Black’ details her experience, the revelation and her study into the power of belief- what it is, how it works and what to do about it. 

Her need to understand how we work and how we can become the creator of our lives instead of the witness has led her to on a mission to share one simple thing with the world.  Belief is the KILLER and the KEY.  The beauty is you get to choose.  And it all starts with what we think and the stories we tell ourselves. 

Join Marnie on this personal journey of love, strength, heartbreak and humor in understanding our beliefs and how to get them working FOR us instead of AGAINST us.  YOU are also your only solution.

Belief is everything, everything is Belief.