Dreams Do Come True - A Special Delayed Tribute To Maya Angelou


Today, our founder Janét Aizenstros had her poetry book, My Heart, Open As The Sky featured in Indigo on two categories International & Canadian Poetry sections of the store. Read below to read her perspective on that moment. 

Janét states:

I know Maya Angelou passed away at the end of May and many people (including myself) took to social media to express our condolences and gratitude for this woman's beautiful legacy.

However, today was a particularly special day for me that I had to share another tribute to the woman who inspired me to write. 

While, running errands this morning after dropping the kids at summer camp, I stopped at Chapters Starbucks for my Passionfruit Tea and decided to stop in to see what's new in the bookstore.

Recently, I have been reading old poetry books from my collection of the great poets such as Pablo Neruda, John Donne, Yeats and etc. 

As I began scanning the shelves, it came to my surprise that my poetry book is now available in select Indigo Chapters locations. It was such a humbling experience witnessing that my book is in two categories which are Canadian Poetry and International Poetry.

I saw My Heart, Open As The Sky beside one of my favorite writers/poets/empress of all time. My book is sitting directly beside the great Maya Angelou in the International Poets section on the shelf at Chapters. No, I didn't cry. I wanted to.  Yet, I couldn't allow myself to have a mascara moment right in the middle of the store. lol

I was so overwhelmed with gratitude. I remember the first time I read Maya Angelou's words as a child. I wanted to be her. I wanted to share my stories as transparently as Maya did.  This woman's legacy has left such a profound impact on my life that I can see all my future books to come now so clearly.

I want all of you reading to know dreams really do come true to those who diligently master the art of relentless persistence.  Maya was able to inspire a little black girl from Guelph, Ontario who grew up in a city that has always been beautiful yet always felt stagnant and desolate to me. I use to feel like a caged bird who longed to sing yet felt invisible in this quiet city.  It was apart of the reason I didn't release this book at seventeen because I felt who could or would I inspire being from Guelph, Ontario. This place that felt so isolated from music and art. 

Now, I know my previous statement may sound nonsensical at this time yet looking back exactly 17 years ago for this type of poetry book that converses about frustrations with G-d, sex, relationships would have been seen as taboo for a teenager to talk about openly in Canadian culture.  

Yet, now, I understand why I grew up in Guelph. It gave me the opportunity to embrace stillness, be connected with nature so I could be insightful and become the uncaged bird that now sings, now that Maya has flown home.  

Yes, now, I will have my mascara moment privately.