Letter from Janét Aizenstros - The Success Of LLMG


This letter is from the founder Janét Aizenstros reads: 


Have you ever had those days when you're really proud of something you did and you're like, "I did that!" 

Well, today is one of those days for J A O M ( Janét Aizenstros Omni Media)subsidiary Love + Lifestyle Media Group. Author Pauleanna Reid's book Everything I Couldn't Tell My Mother featured under the imprint #AhavaChaiis not just online globally but now in select Indigo, Chapters and Colesbookstores. 

It's an amazing feeling helping other people achieve their dreams by seeing their books in store on the shelves not just online.Since allowing authors to publish with Love + Lifestyle Media Group in late fall/winter of 2013, I am proud of the caliber of authors LLMG has released. 

In less than six months, LLMG has released, Arian Herbert's Awaken to Existence: Discover the You Within, Di Riseborough's Forgiveness: How To Let Go When It Still Hurts and our first released author Pauleanna Reid's book Everything I Couldn't Tell My Mother. 

I am proud to know each author I have mentioned personally and professionally. I wish them all the success and sustenance they need in making their dreams come true. As well as the #JAOM family is happy to support them in all of their literary efforts. These achievements are more than just building a business, it's about creating a legacy by producing content that inspires other people to create what they want to experience. Truly, I live by the saying when you help people get what they want, you too get what you want. 

Yet, today Pauleanna I honour you for allowing yourself to be the first author who inspired me to open LLMG's doors to the public and for that I will be eternally grateful. 

Love you Pauleanna boo boo bear! Thanks for believing in #TEAMJAOM and myself! Now, it's time for you to soar. 

Additionally, thank you to #IndigoTeam for helping every step of the way.