Historymakers - International Women's Week 2015 - A Letter From Our Founder

LOVE + Lifestyle Media Group's books featured at Indigo's national flagship location at Bay & Bloor

LOVE + Lifestyle Media Group's books featured at Indigo's national flagship location at Bay & Bloor

Celebrate International Women's Week with Janét Aizenstros as she hosts the inspirational women of LOVE + Lifestyle Media Group.

Here is a our founder, Janét Aizenstros sharing her story around the upcoming events taking place at Indigo this week.  Janét shares

"I look at this picture which the GM from Indigo Bay & Bloor sent to me on late Sunday evening to let me know she had received the last shipment of books for Love + Lifestyle Media Group's  event feature for International Women's Day.  I screamed when I saw the picture of my authors books placed on the white circle checkout with the poster my Ahava House Design staff created.  

I remember years ago when I was aspiring to be a pastor listening to a sermon about being a history-maker.  I never really thought I would be one,  yet, I believe the Universe has an interesting way with aligning you with your purpose once you pursue your passion.

It's funny how the Universe shows you your life in full circle. I can still remember being a 5 year-old girl sitting in the windowsill of my bedroom with book in hand daydreaming out the window of all the things I could become.   I never thought of being an author.  My childhood best-friend still to this day tells me," Janet, you need to write more. I am telling you, that your writing is a gift you need to use it." Previously, when people would only acknowledge me as an author instead of an entrepreneur I used to feel like they were snubbing me.

I remember Oprah, saying in an interview to Beyoncé, that she was given the gift of music because she knew what to do with it.  I believe it is very true for many of us that finally meet our destiny through a cosmic collision of passion meets purpose.     

 I have accomplished a few history-making feats since starting Janet Aizenstros Omni Media Inc. that I was not aware of travelling this entrepreneurial road. Meanwhile, many people don't know me yet because I strive to keep a low profile.  Here is what I discovered about myself after doing a book tour last year that I was very unaware of:

  • I am the first Afro-Canadian woman to have a children's book series inducted into city archives here in Canada by the city of Guelph.

  • I am first Afro-Canadian woman to have her children's book featured at multiple locations of Indigo Chapters and Pottery Barn Kids Canada

  • I will be the first Afro-Canadian woman to have my company featured for International Women's Day at Indigo's flagship location in Toronto and first to host an women's event in Indigo's history

  • I will be the first Afro-Canadian Jewish women to have a self-publishing company featured by Indigo (meaning they are taking my company seriously)

The Universe truly orchestrated this moment for International Women's Day 2015.  It's not coincidental to me that the theme is #MakeItHappen.  Make It Happen is actually a Mariah Carey song that I heard last week that the lyrics capture my entire story of how I became a successful entrepreneur.  I would like to believe the Universe had Mariah Carey write that song more than 20 years ago so I would be able to look back and laugh at how the Universe brings our childhood passions full circle.  Last week, after a difficult moment finalizing the details of this week's upcoming events.  I remembered this song, purchased off of iTunes and cried in the shower not because I was upset yet  how much gratitude I have to Universe for everything it has given to me.  It was the first time I truly acknowledged that being a writer is an amazing gift.   Yet, after authoring 10 books in one year back in 2012, I have no idea why I wouldn't consider it an honour to share my gift with the world.  

 I remember hearing stories from the retired men in my Jewish Business ethnics course at our family synagogue on why it's important to create tangible products. One of my mentors David Goldstein shared with me, "it's a good thing Janet that your business has tangible and intangible channels. Yet, focus on the tangible because Jews throughout history who have created tangible products create a legacy that will last from generation to generation."  I finally understood why being black and Jewish was important to be.  It's important to bridge the gap by creating a legacy that is not just generational yet crosses lines that many in the Afro-Canadian community have never consistently traveled before.

Well, Love + Lifestyle Media Group will be featured  for 4 days at Indigo Bay & Bloor. Indigo's flagship location.  It seems so surreal.  It's FOUR DAYS of ME, this little black Jewish girl born in Guelph, Ontario (wherever that is) highlighting inspiring women authors from my company.   I have to say it's one of the things I love about being Jewish, my community always gives opportunities to those who are willing to create their opportunity.

 I literally screamed a few weeks ago when I saw my poster on Indigo Green Room Events page.  I have that screenshot now on my office to remind me of all the blessings that have been bestowed to me.  Every time I look at that poster now, I will remember, I was here. I lived, I loved. I was here at this moment in history to create the opportunities for others and be given opportunities to create what I want to experience.

What I have to say about Pauleanna Reid, Makini Smith, Marnie Kay and the 11 other women from Love + Lifestyle Inspiration for Women book compilation is we did not come here to be  ordinary.  We came here to make history, change the face of Canadian thought-leading scene and change the world.  There are no other people who I would have wanted to share this particular moment with upcoming this week.  Each one of these women are beautiful, full of life, love, lots of laughter and deserve the ABSOLUTE BEST from LIFE. 

A few weeks ago at A Walk In My Stilettos book launch, I had a man ask me how did a black woman convince Indigo to be featured at their location?  I explained, I did not ask Indigo to host a women's event they approached me about doing a women's event after my book signing last year once the staff discovered who I was and what my movement was about. Indigo has never had a women's event so it truly an honor to be considered.  It made me realize there is something to be said about being approached by major organizations to do an event and just setting up your own event.  I've done both yet it's a wonderful feeling when people see the value and want to invest in  your brand based upon it's merit.   It shows your branding speaks for itself.

 I want to take this esteemed opportunity to thank Heather Reisman for creating a place that gives imaginers like myself the opportunity to create inspiration and give it a home.  Additionally, I would like to thank  Indigo head office team, Indigo Bay & Bloor GM Colleen Logan and Eva Chapman at Manulife Toronto for believing in my movement as well as all of the women from LOVE + Lifestyle Media Group who will be featured this week.

Additionally, I would like to acknowledge the two other events taking place next week that feature amazing Afro-Canadian women.  HERStory by EM How She Hustles and Kike Lola from the WE Network.  I wish you all the greatest success in promoting your events and I know it will be a great hit! This event is important not just to me yet to every little Afro-Canadian boy & girl who never thought it was impossible  I want you to know that it is more than possible.  The word has possible it.  When we all create inspiration we all WIN!

My greatest prayer is that this will open doors for other young Afro-Canadian men and women to not just be seen yet to be given the opportunity to have a voice in places where many have never gone before."