The God Behind The God - Book & Song Are Now Available!!

The Book: The God Behind The God on Sale Now!

Written, Produced & Performed by: Morgan O. Smith, Feat: Patricia. Inspired by the book: The God Behind The God.

Arian Herbert’s The God behind the God is meant to be a reflection, a meditation on what it means to be in existence. In this timeless work, Herbert opens up a spiritual conversation on topics relating to consciousness, enlightenment, God, non-duality, and awakening to the truth behind all appearances.

These topics plus many more are explored as Arian Herbert delves deeply into the philosophical words of Morgan O. Smith. Herbert explains the deeper meaning of Smith’s words with mind-stilling clarity; the reader is opened to the oneness that permeates through everything in existence.

This is not strictly a book about religion and theism, nor is it a book on atheism. It is a book that focuses on breaking free of the concepts that appear to imprison our minds and our true state. The God behind the God will challenge you to question your own perceptions, and can subsequently lead the reader to see all aspects of life with an eternal freshness.

The God behind the God is a must-read for all free thinkers and seekers of spiritual knowledge.

The God Behind The God On Sale Now!
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