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A powerful book about transformation from a woman who has UpGraded her own and many other people’s lives.


Kitchener, Ontario, July 10, 2019. LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group is delighted to announce the upcoming release of I am UpGrading by Maria K.

I am UpGrading tells the story of Maria K’s climb from rock bottom to on top of the world. Not only has she been able to escape her limiting past – and learn valuable lessons from it – but Maria has written this book to help others do the same. Realizing she had a choice to make, she wholeheartedly embraced it, taking metaphorical leaps in her personal and professional life as well geographical strides in moving halfway across the globe to India. The wisdom she has gained along the way is nestled between the pages of this life-changing account.

Maria teaches that every struggle has the potential to become a golden seed from which readers can begin to cultivate a new life. For those who feel as though there must be more to their existence but don’t have the courage, clarity, knowledge, or motivation to initiate lasting change, this book is an excellent place to start. The aim is to reassure readers that transformational breakthrough is possible if they are willing to try a new approach.

The real-life stories contained in the book – Maria’s and those of the people she has worked with as a teacher, mentor and coach – will help readers address the issues they are facing in their health, career, finances, family, and relationships. It enables people to discover more about themselves so that they can start realizing their most precious dreams and UpGrading their lives.

I am UpGrading will be available to buy on Amazon from July 10, 2019.

Praise for I am UpGrading and Maria K

“I still hear her words of wisdom in my head when I need them most, supporting me, guiding me, and reminding me that life is always working for me.”

Carlee Baker, client


“So grateful to have this loving soul guiding me on my UpGrade Journey.”

Michele Johnston, client


“Fierce, wise, and unstoppable, Maria lives the archetype of the feminine warrior in her very soul.”

Adi Kanda, spiritual mentor and author


“Maria’s soul shines through every word, telling her story to empower us through our own life changes.”

Kate Howen writer and teacher


“The practice of UpGrading with Maria has brought me to a new level of expansion and awareness I could never have imagined.”

Ingrid Kobe, client



About Maria K.

British-born Cypriot Maria K is living her best life in Goa, India, and the UK, and helping people UpGrade their lives both in person and online through coaching, speaking, teaching, and consulting.

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