Brenda Foreman

Brenda Foreman is a mother of two beautiful daughters, she was born is St Kitts and raised in Toronto.  Influenced by the strength and resiliency of her grandmother and the faith and vibrancy of her mother.

She’s an accomplished and driven professional with an entrepreneurial spirit and unmatched drive.  A Certified Personal  Image Consultant and Model with over 20 years experience in the entertainment and fashion industries.

Her impeccable sense of style makes her a sought after expert by well known celebrities as well as the everyday mom.  Her professional services include Full Personal  Image Management,  Life Coaching, Fashion Buying,  Personal shopping.

Brenda's ultimate goal is to inspire, and to advocate for young women and their healthy growth and development.  She uses the' Dove Self-Esteem Program For Girls' as one of the means to do this.


LOVE + Lifestyle Inspiration for Women 

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