Carolyn Dickinson

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Carolyn Dickinson is a Success Coach for Entrepreneurs, the Founder of SuperMom Entrepreneur, a collaborative community that helps dream-chasing women turn their passions into profits while integrating the demands of family life. She is an expert at networking, sales, creating relationships, and elevating others.

Carolyn has over a decade of hands-on experience leading international sales and marketing, and has won several awards in her industry including Top Retailer and Top Leadership with Global Wealth Trade.

She has become an accomplished speaker and event organizer. She also holds an annual “I Am The Boss” Conference which is a training event with networking and collaborative opportunities for women who want to create lifestyle freedom by building  their own business.

Based on her strong family values, she believes that anything is possible.  Overcoming many challenges in all aspects of her own life and in finding work, life integration it has given her the passion to support and coach other women, in finding harmony and success – becoming Entrepreneurs.


LOVE + Lifestyle Inspiration for Women

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