D.I.Y vs  Assisted Publishing


It is possible to work your way through the process of publishing a book on your own. It will take time and a lot of research but it can be done.


The whole process has several components you will need to learn about:


  • Choosing and negotiating with the right editor

  •  Finding a designer that understands the format you need to publish

  •  Classifying the book and generating ISBN codes

  • Selecting the right prices for your book in various markets

  • Getting a print on demand service that will satisfy the needs of your customers

  • Saving your work in the right files for eBook and print on demand services

  • Uploading your work to the major eBook retail websites

  • Getting all the right keywords so your book can be found by readers

  • Thinking up an effective marketing plan and then executing it


This can be a lot of work for many authors. Time restraints mean that many people need help. There are companies out there to guide you through the process.

We offer an assisted self-publishing program so that you can get all of the expertise you need on the areas above in one place. We have a team of people that have helped hundreds of other authors get all of the assistance they need to have their book published successfully. We have designers, editors, experts in uploading the book and a marketing team that will pull all of this together for you.

You can get help with some or all aspects of the self-publishing process based on the skills you already have. We offer a menu approach so you can pick and choose the parts you need to be done for you or trust us with the whole process. Whatever works for you.