LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group makes it is easy to work your way through the process of self-publishing a book with assisted support.


The whole process has multiple, interconnected components you will need to learn about to achieve success:


  • Selecting the right editor for your genre and the linguistics of your book

  •  Discerning and selecting the right designer who will capture and understand the taste, style and precision of your book

  •  Understanding copyright to ensure your book is classified and referenced to generate BISAC codes

  • Researching brand position and performing competitive analysis to establish the right prices for your book in various markets

  • Choosing Print-On-Demand (POD) Service that will satisfy the needs of your customers while mitigating risks associated with quality and reliability

  • Preserving your work in the right files for eBook and print on demand services

  • Uploading your work to the major retailer wholesalers and digital book retailer websites

  • Ensuring all the right keywords so your book can be found by readers

  • Thorough understanding of the details to create an effective marketing strategy and then executing it


This is a dynamic process and the research and execution can be a lot of work for many authors. Time restraints mean that many people need help. There are companies out there to guide you through the process. That’s where LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group walks into your life to be your saving grace.

We offer assisted self-publishing programs, delivered by an established team of experts, who can bring to your book to life within a matter of weeks. The all-encompassing assistance provided by our people has helped hundreds of other authors to become successful.

Your assistance options are flexible, based on which aspects of the self-publishing process are skills you already possess. Our menu approach offer all options, allowing you to choose where you will contribute personally, or if needed, the ability to entrust our team with the entire process.

So Many Options - How Do I Choose?