The steps to getting your book out there are essentially the same whether you do it yourself in the self-publishing arena or you work with a traditional publisher. But there are some differences in choosing between the option to self-publish or soliciting a traditional publisher.


The choice is usually determined by:


  • Who invests for the costs of publishing – who takes the risk

  • Who gets the income from the book – who gets the rewards

  • Who actually owns all the rights to the book in the end

  • Who controls the creative aspects of the book

  • Who has the final decision of when, or if, the book is published



There are investment elements associated with getting a book from an idea to being published. You will need to hire an editor, get the cover designed and the formatting done, invest in distribution and define your market niche to invest in marketing. In self-publishing this is an investment by the author and in traditional publishing the all investment is covered by the publisher. Truly, this comes down to TIME & MONEY.



With self-publishing the author receives most of the income, after the distributor ( and etc.) have taken their percentage. With traditional publishing the income is received by the publisher with an agreement for a small proportion of this to be passed on to the writer. In short – he who takes the risk earns the reward!



If you self-publish your book then you retain 100% of the rights to the work. If a traditional publishing company publishes your book, they have the major rights to your book options. If you get help with self-publishing then you will usually enter into an agreement where you offer temporary rights on a non-exclusive basis to the company to get your book published. Though LLPG offers supported publishing assistance we give 100% net royalties to the author. This is the distinctive difference between LLPG and many self-publishing companies.


Creative Process.

Once a traditional publisher takes on the rights to your work then they can make changes. They have full control over the work. The only way to retain complete control is to retain the rights. When you self-publish, whatever changes are suggested by an editor do not have to be accepted by you. The final decision is yours and yours alone.



A traditional publisher has no obligation to actually get your book out there. They can have the rights and just decide not to release the book. When you self-publish then you decide when the book is ready and when you will release it. Also, you have full control over all of the marketing and advertising efforts.


LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group makes it is easy to work your way through the process of self-publishing a book with assisted support.


The whole process has multiple, interconnected components you will need to learn about to achieve success:


  • Selecting the right editor for your genre and the linguistics of your book

  •  Discerning and selecting the right designer who will capture and understand the taste, style and precision of your book

  •  Understanding copyright to ensure your book is classified and referenced to generate BISAC codes

  • Researching brand position and performing competitive analysis to establish the right prices for your book in various markets

  • Choosing Print-On-Demand (POD) Service that will satisfy the needs of your customers while mitigating risks associated with quality and reliability

  • Preserving your work in the right files for eBook and print on demand services

  • Uploading your work to the major retailer wholesalers and digital book retailer websites

  • Ensuring all the right keywords so your book can be found by readers

  • Thorough understanding of the details to create an effective marketing strategy and then executing it


This is a dynamic process and the research and execution can be a lot of work for many authors. Time restraints mean that many people need help. There are companies out there to guide you through the process. That’s where LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group walks into your life to be your saving grace.

We offer assisted self-publishing programs, delivered by an established team of experts, who can bring to your book to life within a matter of weeks. The all-encompassing assistance provided by our people has helped hundreds of other authors to become successful.

Your assistance options are flexible, based on which aspects of the self-publishing process are skills you already possess. Our menu approach offer all options, allowing you to choose where you will contribute personally, or if needed, the ability to entrust our team with the entire process.

So Many Options - How Do I Choose?


The assisted self-publishing market is dominated by only five companies. They account for more than 85% of all self-published books.

The Top FIVE self-publishers are:

1.       Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (previously known as Create Space). They have a low printing costs so the self-published author can make more per book. We can give you access to them to print and distribute books as one of our options but we offer a superior editing and design service.

2.       Lightning Source & Ingram Spark do not offer the editing, marketing or design services that you will need to get your book published. Their royalty rate is low at 40% for eBooks, but we can offer you access to their POD (print on demand) services.

3.       Smashwords will get your book on some of the major distribution channels but crucially they miss out on Amazon, the biggest channel out there. You will need to upload your own book to their platform and it takes a bit of technical know-how to do this. We don’t use them as we can get you better deals directly with major self-publishing platforms and will give you access to Amazon's market.

4.       Lulu takes a lot of money from authors, through their printing and along with a big cut of revenue. They offer tools that seems to make the process easier upfront but you pay for it in the end with all the costs that accumulate. 

5.       Author Solutions is a company that has other brands under their umbrella. You may know them as AuthorHouse, Balboa Press, iUniverse, Abbott Press, Xlibris, Archway or Trafford. Meanwhile, they will not admit it. It has been alleged they have affiliations with larger traditional publishing houses. They have high printing costs and take a lot of your sales revenue. An approach by many of these mentioned companies is they require you purchase books upfront in order to fulfill the service agreement with their companies. This is where LLPG is different. We provide you with a choice to order books upfront or only as needed, in smaller quantities. Plus, you receive a copies of your completed book depending on the package you choose from.


How Does LLPG Compare to the Companies Above?


  • We give you higher royalties than any of these other companies every time

  • We don’t mark up the printing costs – what it costs us it costs you

  • We give you 100% of the net royalties. 

  • We are based in Canada but have global reach in almost every continent in the world. We work primarily with authors in Canada and the United States but we can help authors in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Europe, China, Middle East, South America and the Caribbean.  

  • We offer marketing solutions that 4 of the publishers above cannot offer which is media exposure. Our publicity team has firms in over 5 different countries. 

  • We have industry-leading PR & New Media solutions for start-up to established authors

  • Our distribution team just doesn't distribute your content but hones the pitch for your book with the right marketing plan to retailers


You can rest assured that we work with you to find the best solution for your book. We are open to different distribution channels because we pass on all of the royalties to you. We have Baker & Taylor, Amazon and Ingram Content which are the world's largest options for distribution. So, we have the luxury of these three options to pick and choose the best parts of any solution for you.


We deliver results. Always.



We have different packages available for the start-up author that will help you to get the very best from your self-publishing process.


Interested in learning more about publishing your book?