The History of LLPG

In 2012, LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group was founded by media proprietor & personality Janét Aizenstros.  She published her internationally successful children's books series Why Mommy Loves The Rain, Why Mommy Loves The Snow and Why Mommy Loves The Sun in 2013. 

Due to the success of the her children's books she decided to open the doors of the LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group.  This opened the door to many authors who have now used LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group as the launching pad for successful opportunities in media, thought leadership and social entrepreneurship.   

Authors published by LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group have been featured in international & national media outlets such as HuffPost Live, Essence Magazine, Queen Latifah's Book List, MTV, CTV,, OWN and more. 

In 2015, LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group  authors were featured for 4 days at Canada's flagship and largest book store Indigo located in Toronto.  Our Publisher, Janét Aizenstros made Canadian history when she hosted International Women's Week 2015 at Indigo. She is the first woman to be allotted the opportunity to host a 4 day event in Indigo's Green Room Events.  The event attracted an audience of over 300 people.  

In early 2016, LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group became the first Canadian self-publishing house to open locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and Caribbean.

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