Keitiaunna Howard

Keitiaunna Howard, MS. is the Founder and Executive Director of Successful Single Moms, LLC.  Successful Single Moms, LLC, (founded in 2012) was created with a primary goal of providing assistance, support and resources to mothers who are raising their children alone, or mothers who have spouses with strenuous schedules in Columbus, Ohio. This support is provided in a variety of ways included monthly workshops, quarterly Mom’s Night Out events and quarterly Family Fun events.

Ms. Howard’s passion for single moms doesn’t stop in Ohio; she is a motivational speaker, a Mommy Expert on, is touring around the country with the Single Moms Success Conference and is founder of Pretty Brown Princess, a community organization for young girls age 5-12 that encourages them to love the skin they are in!

As a single mother of two (a teen and a preschooler), Ms. Howard has firsthand experience with the struggles a single mother faces when trying to balance work, family, education and taking time for yourself. Since becoming a single mother, Ms. Howard has earned a B.A. in Broadcast Communications,

A M.S. in Marketing and Communications and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Strategic Leadership at Regent University. She is an alumnus of The Ray Miller Institute for Change and Leadership and The Progressive Leadership Academy, and a speaker and board member of TMDEOhio.


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