Lauren Alicia is a Parsons the New School for Design graduate with a B.B.A. in Design + Management, business/design enthusiast, graphic designer, blogger and collaborator.

In her past time/procrastinating from studying in college, shehad her first taste of writing, penning rap verses in her dorm room and only a select few can confirm this as true. Trained by Parsons in business writing and development, she’s able to adapt this knowledge into telling her own story. This knowledge helped create her first blog + collaborative, GYC-GirlYOUCrazy.com in 2012, where Lauren Alicia considers herself to be the “Queen of the Process,” sharing her own “Girl YOU Crazy” story. As part of her blog, she gifts readers with a free book at the end of the year, publishing through issuu.com, Don’t Take the Elevator and Framed Stanzas. Dear Divorce, Thank You… is Alicia’s first commercially published book in print format, and directly about a sensitive area of her life. 

Since committing to writing as part of her journey, Alicia answers the question: How has your life affected your writing voice? 

Wanting to have something to call her own that she created, Alicia continues to allow her experiences to evolve into the reality she always imagined.

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My life is my writing voice. It’s my experience, my journey, and the best story I can tell is my own. At times, I do wish I was writing fiction but some things need to be presented plain and clear. I have written down some titles that I hope to explore in a fiction format, but like they say, all fiction has a hint of truth…right?