About M.E. Murdock

M.E. Murdock is a divorced mother of three amazing and distinctly unique children. She has dedicated more than 20 years to working with adults and youth in conflict with the law. By providing support, guidance and sometimes good old fashion honesty she has helped countless number of youth to turn their lives around by helping them to recognize their worth and potential. She has also supported an increasing number of families as they deal with the devastating effects of their child’s incarceration. She has witnessed first-hand, what a child’s incarceration can do, not only to the child, but to their families. M.E. Murdock has championed through many life challenges including her own children’s walk on the wrong side of the law. She’s the founder of TWRS - Together We R Strong, a support group for parents of youth in conflict with the law. TWRS - Together We R Strong provides the opportunity for parents to come together, share experiences and support each other through open, confidential conversation.


Beyond The Shame: One Mother's Journey To Healing Front Of The Bars

In this real life story, Elaine, a youth justice worker, is forced to come to terms with her own perceived failures when two of her three children become involved in the justice system.
She is compelled to travel back into her past to re-examine her personal battles in search of answers to questions that begin to haunt her, plunging her into deep depressive episodes and a minefield of self-doubt.
Beyond the Shame focuses on this mother’s emotionally charged journey in front of the bars which leads her to discover hidden inner strengths and a life’s mission; bringing recognition to a growing issue that plagues far too many in our communities. 
As a result of her journey and mission to help others facing this difficult plight, she founded, TWRS – Together We R Strong, a community support group for families of children involved in the justice system.
Her motto: Live, Learn, Rise! Live your life the best you can. Learn from your experiences and Rise above your challenges to become a stronger better you.