Morgan O. Smith 

Morgan O. Smith has studied Eastern philosophy, metaphysics and meditation for over a decade. He splits his time working as both a mentor for youth and at risk families, and a spiritual life coach and mystic philosopher. He is a certified meditation instructor, Reiki practitioner and brainwave entrainment facilitator. He is also a youth outreach worker and facilitator for the Strengthening Families Program (SFP). 

His desire to help others overcome difficulties and find inner peace arose after a spiritual awakening in 2008. Following this life-changing event, he developed Yinnergy Meditation, a grassroots project that encourages emotional, mental and spiritual growth. He also established his blog, A Mystic Formerly Known as Morgan O. Smith, containing memoirs and aphorisms deeply inspired by his awakening.

Prior to seeking a more spiritual path, Morgan was a Gemini Award-winning comedy writer, stand-up comedian and television personality. He has shared the stage with comedy greats such as Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Patton Oswalt and Robert Schimmel. He was also a co-host of the Award-winning television show, Buzz.


The God Behind The God

A book for theists and atheists alike, The God behind the God is a powerful book that will challenge you to look at the inner depths of your being.  "In Arian's first title, Awaken to Existence, he invites the reader to join him on a fanciful journey “back home” to our nature; a place of peace from which we have never truly left.  Now, he's back again to challenge you to explore for  yourself the spiritual concepts on existence such as does God really exist? What is our role in the cycle of existence? And is there truly such a thing called 'enlightenment'?

In this timeless work, these questions plus more are explored as Arian deciphers the deeper meaning of the poetic lines of Morgan O. Smith. The mysterious and esoteric aspects of Smith’s writing come to the surface all the while with Arian as your guide. The God behind the God will challenge you to question your belief systems, and also open you to a new perspective on life itself.

The God behind the God focuses on what it means to be in 'existence', and paradoxically, to break free from the concept of existence altogether. It is for anyone who has ever contemplated the nature of existence, and is open to explore that there may be something greater behind everything we’ve been traditionally taught to perceive to be great.