Author Branding & Press Bundle


An author branding and press bundle can really help authors get established on social media and communicating with their fans. Here are the essential platforms:

1.    Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is a thriving social network that virtually everyone is on. While most people are using it to connect with family, friends, and acquaintances, as an author you need to set up an official Facebook Fan Page. No matter what the genre you’ve written, you’ll find a target audience on Facebook. Your Fan Page can be used to share your writing journey with fans, while informing them about updates on the book, where they can find it, and any upcoming events such as book signings.

2.    Facebook Advertising Campaigns

In order to stand out from the crowd and get yourself noticed, an advertising campaign can get through to your target audience and direct them to your Fan Page, author website (where you can build an email list), or Amazon where they can actually buy your book.

3.    Goodreads Profile

Goodreads is a popular online community for bookworms. Users create personal profiles before rating and reviewing books they’ve read. As an author, it allows you to interact with your readers (and potential readers), especially since users can leave you with any questions they might have.

4.    Twitter Profile

The concept of Twitter is simple. You can share content with other users, but you’re only allowed to use 280 characters of letters in a single post. There are many readers and writers who use Twitter, and the platform is ideal if you want to make an announcement.

5.    Instagram Profile

Instagram is very easy to use and very popular right now. It allows you to share photos and other images. If you’re not into photography and don’t particularly like having your picture taken, then don’t worry. The platform is still useful for you to share things like banners for an event you’re holding, or a picture of the first hard copy of your book. Writing captions to enhance your posts is also an important element that can have a lot of impact on the audience.

6.    Amazon Exposure Page

If you’re selling your books on Amazon then an Amazon Exposure Page is essential. When someone is browsing and comes across your book, they can click on your name to get more information about you. This includes a collection of the books you’ve written. An Amazon Exposure page helps shoppers get to know a little bit about the person behind the book and can be a significant factor in their decision on whether to buy your book or not, as well as exploring and buying other titles you’ve written.

While some individuals favor one platform over another, as an author, it’s essential that you establish a presence on all of them. Chances are, if a fan likes uses Instagram, then they’re going to be searching for your name on Instagram. The good news is that there are many similarities, so you only have to write one author bio and can copy and paste from one platform to another (albeit with a little editing here and there).