Everything You Need To Know About Press Releases


One of the most important steps to self-publishing is the press release. It is important that you announce your title as any other big publishing house would. This is your opportunity to share with a whole community why they should pick up your work and hear what you have to say. It is important that you share the right information and take the opportunity to really pitch the book to people who will have probably never heard of you. It is important to share your contact information as well as any pertinent experience you have in publishing or where you went to school. When someone picks up a book they are really putting faith in the author. Give them a good reason to trust you with their money and time. It is important that you try to hook them on the book. Assume they know nothing about you or your story. Share about your characters and what they might be up against. Tell us what the book is about and why readers need to hear about it. This will be one of your biggest opportunities to introduce yourself to readers and if this is your first book it is especially important to remember the lasting effect of first impressions.

 Talk about yourself. It is not vanity. It is all pertinent to the reader's decision to pick up your book or leave it on the shelf. Also, make sure the press knows how to get in touch with you. Email is good but phone numbers are better. Make it easy for reporters to ask you follow up questions for their articles and be ready to give fleshed out answers. Take every opportunity to talk about the book and push the importance of its message. The impression you give in the press release will affect the way writers and publishers perceive you. The better they feel about you the more likely they are to give a good review and prioritize your press release among the hundreds of stories they wade through day to day.

Talk about your story. You want to bait the readers. In order to do that you need to share enough information about the situation or the characters to make the reader care about something. Is your book a page turner suspense? Is it a thoughtful contemplation of the human condition? Is it funny? Tragic? Everyone has an idea of what they like to read. Let them know what kind of book you have written. What makes your book original. There are more works being published today than ever before in history. Readers have more options than ever as a result. They can download a book, buy one new off of a shelf or order something used online. Why should they read your story over all of the others? Share your hook, your perspective or your style. Whatever sets you apart from the pack, should be included in your press release.

If you include who you are, where to find you, and what you have created then you have gotten a good start. Throw in some juicy plot details or hint at unexpected twists. Share what you love about your work and the readers who love the same things will find your book and look for more like it to come for years.