How Authors Can Get Their Books Featured In The Media    



After the production and book-launch stages, the fundamental step for your work to triumph among your readers is to get the widest possible dissemination so that everyone knows that your book is in the market. The best allies for this promotion are the media.

Sometimes it seems that journalists and different media can be quite inaccessible, but this does not have to be the case. The media is the perfect way to reach your target audience. Through this post, we provide you with some tips to promote your book in the media.

1. Involve journalists

An option is to seek for media and journalists specialized in literary and cultural newspapers and magazines and journalists who work in the field of culture.

If your book appeals to personal tastes beyond your professional life, then this is a great option.

By involving a journalist, either to help you write a featured review or any other promotional piece, this way you, can have a new way to sell your book. If the journalist is a lover of the genre you write about, you can send him a copy so that at least he feels curious to look at it.

2. Make a specialized press release

Once you've identified everything that makes your book special, the time is right to write a small press release where you can present your work and tell all those aspects that may arouse newsworthy interest for the media in question. In this press release, you must add a headline that is striking and explain throughout the body the main features of the story, without revealing anything specific to the plot and the special characteristics of the characters.

Try to feature what makes your novel, your poetry book or your essay special; if it is a special and unique narrative, if your story is based on real events or if your book is focused on a specific topic. It may also be that your book is based on a specific aspect such as dealing with some type of specific pathology, current issue or if it is based on a specific time in history. Marking the difference is essential and has to be your main mantra when it comes to getting your book featured in the media.

Another good option is to try to relate your book with special days within the calendar that may be related to your work. For example, if your work is a collection of poems about love or lack of love, a good date to try to get the attention of the media is Valentine's Day or International Poetry Day. If, on the other hand, your novel is a thriller, a scary story or a mystery, the dates close to Halloween are a good timing. However, finding your difference is the main thing.

You can also not only opt for press releases but also try to enter the media through your own knowledge; that is, if your book is about a study on philosophy or a distinct field, a good way to get the attention of the media is to write a column or an opinion piece as an expert on the subject and subtly introduce your new book.

3. Highlights of well-known people

Another good way to get the attention of the media is, if we have access to them, to use people who already have a certain prestige in the literature. Involving other writers who have already published several works or have managed to be awarded great literary prizes can also be an important way to achieve your goal. If they can make a small review in favor of your work and attach it together with the press release that you make, it can be a good cover letter for your book.

In this way the journalist, especially if he is an expert in literature, will see that your book has already attracted the attention of colleagues in the profession and that way, they may also agree to give your book a chance.