How to Choose an Enticing Book Excerpt for Your Author Website


Writing a book seems the easiest task for writers. However, everything which comes after the writing stage is the most challenging for new writers, especially for the self-publishing authors. At this point, you have to decide what you think is best on the side of attracting readers or buyers – marketing your book – and avoid being in the growing list of unsuccessful authors.

Well, it's the digital world, and first thing first, one of the easiest routes to gaining readership is through the social networks and/or a specifically created author website.

Sharing Excerpts on your Author Website

If you've successfully built your website, created your weblog or your LinkedIn profile and you finally have a considerable amount of followership or readership, one of the many options available to you is creating interest in your book by whetting your prospective readers' appetite through the sharing of excerpts on your platform.

Although, many experts in the book publishing industry have come hard on proponents of this idea, if done right, giving out fragments from your book wouldn't scupper your chance of making a sale. It is like giving your customers the chance of having a smell of the cheese before deciding to buy it.

Providing excerpts is still one of the best ways to share your book with future readers.  With the new design of your webpages, you can highlight your excerpts and make your readers want to continue reading.

Having successfully stimulated the attention of the readers to a particular social scenario, for example, book excerpts work by making people wanting to know how the scenario played out.

Having seen the benefits of publishing a book excerpt might bring, what practices should you make to bring out a better conversion rate for you?

Best Ways to Pick your Excerpts

The best practice is to choose your excerpts from your first chapter. You don't want to leave a reader hanging having risked investing in your product after getting enticed by the published excerpt only for the part which stimulated his or her interest to be buried deep in the climax of the book.

However, an excerpt should be a promise of what's to come. A fragment that has to be continual upon the final purchase of the book. Besides, picking from later chapters of the book might make your story predictable.

In addition, take note, most readers expect your excerpt to be short. Their aim is to see if your style of writing will interest them and if you can actually be trusted. Hence, keeping your excerpt between 400 to 1000 words in length is the general rule of thumb.

After selecting a book passage as your excerpt, it is best to consult anyone who hasn't gone through the book to access if the chosen fragment stands alone and doesn't give out more information than you intend. Remember, the aim of making a book excerpt on your author platform is for the single aim of selling. This is the aim, anything more or less would be a no-no and may spell a disaster for your marketing campaign.