How to Get a Powerful Person to Write the Foreword for your Book


The foreword of a book is a text (written by the author himself or by another person) that serves as an introduction to the book. It has a less literary character than the introduction and facilitates the general understanding of the book.

For some authors, a foreword helps us to pigeonhole the work, give it a specific genre, so to speak, and place it among a set of books. Many people recommend writing it at the end, once it has been written and reviewed.

Writing the Forward of my Book: Some Tips

A difficult decision that an author faces after finishing his book is about choosing the person he asks to write the foreword. This is an important moment because  foreword is part of the presentation of the book. In fact, it is the book's front door!

We regularly look for someone with a certain prominence – a renowned person. However, it may be that the person we have in mind is not very knowledgeable about the subject of which we write, or lacks the necessary skills required to write such content.

Keep in mind the following points:

1.       The foreword of your book should know you.

2.       You must have shared with him the enthusiasm for what you wrote.

3.       The foreword must be in some way linked to the subject of the book.

4.       He must have some skill to write (otherwise, you have to help him in the attempt).

The foreword of the book should be measured and proportional should never be extremely laudatory and exalting. As the foreword writer, you can also report some limitations of the text you are commenting on, but always justifying why the work is worth reading.

If the person you chose to write your foreword declines to do it, do not insist, find another one.

Forget what you might have been told, do not leave this part of your book for the last minute, do not turn that important part into an emergency.

Share the first drafts with your foreword, talk with him, put him in the subject. The foreword may be more appropriate when the writer knows the motivations of the author of the book.

The foreword must have that stamp of interest, that marked passion and that desire for the book to fulfill its purpose.

Take note, a good foreword can help a book be not so good, but a bad foreword can kill a good book.

Think carefully about who you give to write the foreword of your next book. Do not give the foreword to anyone. He can be a person of a certain level of importance in an area, but who is not interpenetrated with your book.

Tips on Getting a Renowned Person to be your Foreword

1.       Find an ideal endorser i.e. an influencer with huge followership, an award-winning author, a person featured regularly in the media

2.       Make an approach by introducing your book and telling them why they should (the benefits derivable from it i.e. publicity)

3.       Make it easy for them by stating clearly what content you want, giving examples of what you want or even choosing to draft the foreword for them while they can just tweak it if they're usually busy.

4.       Follow up: Has your proposed foreword agreed to write the prologue and they haven't responded following the deadline? Then you have to send them a reminder.