At LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group authors learn how to SHARE their stories effectively. Our coaches are speakers and presenters who have worked as actors/actresses, C-level executives or world-renowned speakers/presenters globally.

Our team can offer communication training opportunities for:

  • Win/Win; Presentation & Public Speaking Training

  • Empowered Presence; Leadership Development

  • Getting It Right; Emotional Intelligence & Team Development

  • Killer Sales; Creating & Delivering Winning Pitches

We offer a one-on-on customized program that will empower authors too:

  • Develop your body awareness and release distracting mannerisms

  • Embody and project self-confidence

  • Overcome public speaking anxiety and learn powerful stress management techniques

  • Speak confidently in public speaking situations

  • Generate enthusiasm for your ideas and proposals

  • Think on your feet and answer challenging questions

  • Speak persuasively with authenticity and influence key decision makers

**All private training opportunities are custom designed and are virtual.

***Speaker/Presenter packages have to be completed over 6 weeks period.


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Media Training

This training will be conducted in two - 1hr hour sessions on a virtual platform.

Fundamentals Session

  • Determining 'the message'

  • Identifying your 'buzz words'

  • Practice conveying your message concisely and passionately

  • Learn how to tell a story that holds someone’s attention from beginning to end

  • Learn how to answer a reporter’s questions with interesting anecdotes instead of stock answers

  • Learn how to speak in 'sound bites'

  • Receive written responses to the questions you find most difficult

  • Learn about the best kind of wardrobe for on-camera interviews

  • Simulated Interview Session

  • Practice answering reporter questions on-camera

  • Practice speaking in ‘sound bites’

  • Tips and tricks to keeping control of an interview

  • Learn about media etiquette


Pitching Strategy

This package is ideal for authors who want to pitch to the media on their own, but need help to come up with a pitch email.

We will determine the best media friendly angles to pitch your story. Information will be obtained via Skype/Phone meeting at your convenience.

Provide catchy email subject lines that will get your pitch emails opened.

Write up your pitch email document that you will use to send out to media alongside the press release provided by your publisher.

Provide you with a shortlist of TV/radio/print/online media that are best suited to your story.


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