LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group® offers all of the professional services you would expect from a traditional publishing house: editorial, design, distribution, printing and marketing. 


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Our professional evaluations, encompass both editorial quality and marketing potential makes LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group® best-in-class amongst other self-publishers.


Editorial & Design Excellence

LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group’s® reputation is strengthened by our ability to deliver expert editing services that will help raise the quality of your book to be consistent with traditional publishing standards.  Our experienced designers will work with you to create a professional book cover that represents your book's contents and captures readers’ attention.


Partnerships & Collaborations

LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group® has created partnerships with several notable companies around the world to connect authors with the best opportunities possible . We offer many options to our authors through bookstores, publishers and distributors that readers know and trust: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, iTunes, Pottery Barn Kids, Waterstones and more. 



Supporting our authors through the production phase has reinforced LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group’s® reputation as a quality, quick-to-market supported self-publisher. Our team is a phone call away and ready to assist if you need help during the creation process for your book. 



LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group’s® authors can build a dynamic platform to successfully promote their books using our simple step-by-step tools. Our selection of promotional products and services includes something for every author, from apps and radio interviews, book signings to advertising and more.


Media Recognition

LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group’s® allows us to offer the array of book marketing, promotion and media options designed to enhance your own reputation. Authors on our platform have been featured on online media and traditional media formats such as, TV, print, newspaper and online channels. Our media programs celebrate and support titles that show a high level of editorial quality and marketability. 

LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group’s® reputation is built upon our ability to provide authors with the tools they need to increase their books’ quality and marketability by meeting industry editorial standards which maximizes your books’ potential for success.

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