About Shasha Seakamela  

Shasha Seakamela is a South African artist, writer and illustrator of children’s books. Through his Rural in the Citi initiative, Shasha aims to promote literature in South African indigenous languages and contemporary rural arts and culture. He is a graduate from the University of the Western Cape and has worked with various organisations active in the fields of human rights, child development and youth leadership. This is his first novel.


Butterfly Migration

Butterfly Migration is the story of Veli Mothijane, a young South African woman growing up in a small village. The novel takes us through Veli's painful journey of circumcision at a young age to her acceptance and exploration of her lesbian identity in a society marked by rituals, social pressure and gender inequality.

This is an inspirational quest for self-determination and joy. Veli rises above frustration and agony to fulfill her dreams and make a positive impact in her community. Her story is compassionate, unique yet symbolic of the human quest for love and the highest form of self expression in a world defined by cultural norms and traditions.