YaSheeka is a lover of art, culture, and all things life. Having studied at institutions such as Winston-Salem State University in North Carolina graduating with a B.S. degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, Concordia University in Canada as an exchange student, and The Life Coach Institute in California where she became a Certified Life Coach in 2012. She believes in seeking knowledge, experiencing diversity, and loving the life you live!

Using social media to share her testimonies and personal journey YaSheeka became a “virtual role model” to many of her classmates who followed her transformation. She eventually became an inspiration to virtually everyone she met as well as to the many people who follow her on social media. Her goal is to promote education, provide stimulating ideas, and raise awareness through entertainment and culture.

Yasheeka founded The Elle Foundation, Inc. in 2009 where she believes in the laws of "ma'at" (balance) - where society places such a negative view on women, the African diaspora and the African family, she provides a confidential and therapeutic environment to young girls and women using cultural awareness and other creative methods as tools for self awareness. In 2014, Yasheeka facilitated a virtual training with OneAfricanchild organization (Lagos, Nigeria) working with the 21 year organizer and founded she was asked to become US Regional head of OneAfricanchild. Yasheeka gives back to her community being a resource to students afraid to go off to college, She's a motivational speaker to inner city students transitioning to college and also gives away scholarships during the school year. By day she works at a local domestic violence shelter serving as a counselor and life coach. And by night she explores her talents as an independent journalist and publicist tapping into her passion for music and entertainment. 

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